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About My Program:

Children learn through play, so my program is designed to facilitate play opportunities which encourage children to be curious, confident, and enthusiastic learners. 

Infants are held often, sung to, and given a safe, stimulating space in which to explore.   Babies join us in our outdoor play daily, watching birds fly, feeling grass on their toes and enjoying the breeze on their faces.     

Toddlers enjoy daily opportunities for sensory play, making music, singing songs, caring for dolls, and building with a variety of manipulative toys.  Our dress up bin not only has capes and tiaras, but firefighter hats, police officer jackets, lab coats and dinosaur tails. Outside, there are trucks to dig with, bugs to find, toys to ride on and space to run.

Preschool children are introduced to a vocabulary that encourages little scientists to learn about their world.  Testing our ideas and theories, when building with blocks words like “stability” and “balance” frame our play.  Children are offered a wide variety of supplies (glue, tape, safety scissors, feathers, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, milk cartons, pom poms, markers etc) to create art, experiments and fun. To encourage a love of literacy, the children and I come up with stories together, then the children make art for the stories and we create books for them to take home and read to their parents.   Our giant blackboard wall makes learning to write letters, numbers and shapes engaging and fun.  Outside the children enjoy balance bikes, a slide, a basketball hoop, soccer goal and room to run and roll on the grass wherever their imagination takes them.

About Me:

My name is Kat Martinez.  I have been in the business of caring  for and educating children for over ten years.  After working as a middle school teacher for five years I chose to stay home after the birth of my second child.  My daughter had been at a wonderful daycare up until the birth of her brother.  I wanted to create for her the same social, educational experiences they were providing for her there, with the added bonus of me getting to be the one to facilitate it.  I worked in daycares through college and as a nanny during high school.  I am licensed to teach Kindergarten thru 8th grade in the state of Utah.  I use all of my educational and childcare experience to create a warm, safe, instructional and imaginative environment for the children in my care.  I am certified in First Aid, CPR and Food Safety.